Monday, October 19, 2009

Numb3rs teaches you that Jews love money and Anarchists love prison

"Kai Kragen"

From the third season we get this wonderful guy:

Detective Sinclair: We saw your old house on Mulholland. That must have been hard to give up.
Detective Granger: Not to mention all the money
Kai Kragen: Whether someone is puting a gun to someone's head or a bunch of people are eating cow testicles on an island, it's all entertainment right?

"Kai" by the way is often short for "Cornelius," which comes from the Latin word for "horn."


Tyson: It's a better ending this way: three people that ripped me off are dead, the force is going to go down in total humiliation...
Detective Granger: What about what happens to you?

Tyson: Me? (laughs) Are you kidding? Starting tomorrow I top the A-list. There's not an agent in town who won't be scrambling to sign me.
Detective Sinclair: Too bad you'll be writing from prison.

Tyson: Locked in a cell with no one to bother me? I can crank out five, six movies a year.

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