Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Hive" Culture

Government nonsense:
  • We bombed Libya into an "Odyssey Dawn" but we "don't spike the football."
  • Our war is allegedly about protecting civilians (Obama). We protect them by bombing the state television workers.
  • The dozens of "brave"  (Obama) Navy Seals who attacked Osama's house trained for weeks on a replica, and chose not to arrest him, but to shoot him in the head.
Newspaper nonsense:

  • Osama is "irrelevant" to others so let's write, write, write about him. (NYT editorial)
  • Interpersonal morality in relations to a war against the "cancer" (Obama) in the Middle East doesn't "scale up" (NYT Op-ed).
  • Violent intimidation is "more than justice" even if the robes are stained with blood and not "urine" (WSJ's Peggy Noonan)
I hope people will write to these papers so they are at least tempted by humane perspective. As for government, I don't have a vote "teed up" for any Democrat involved in war and assassination.

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