Wednesday, January 28, 2015

14 Reasons to vote Anyone-But-Emanuel (Rahm linksheet)

IL Supreme Court's newest justice, Mary Jane Theis, and Rahm Emanuel lived on the same block in East Ravenswood:
Cook County clerk David Orr ticks off #MayorRahm by asking him to open the books on TIFs—because that's unreasonable.

A community activist uncovered a sneaky way #MayorRahm keeps #TIF money flowing.
Emanuel cuts millions which would have gone to schools to build a hotel and sports arena. All but 3 Alderman OK it.

Emanuel sets a good example only stealing $267 million from Chicago's children and not Swisher blunts.
Rahm Emanuel, new chief of staff, "indicated his support of President Bush's position on Iraq"

RedEye Chicago:
"For a lot of people, this [bus] is a critical lifeline," Pawar said. Buses and trains did become less crowded last year as ridership dipped.... The No. 11 route lost 706,000 rides after the service cut, CTA data show.
Rahm's declaration of full-scale immunity for torturers and war criminals on behalf of Obama:

“Whether we're talking about Scott Walker or Rahm Emanuel, it's the same thing."
Rahm Emanuel's "scare tactics are not the answer" Chicago Firefighters Union (Desmogblog)

Rahm Emanuel "threatens to put 350 union custodians out of work"
Reuters must-read on how Rahm Emanuel's battle against teachers is part of a larger class war waged by the rich

an aggressive supporter of the Iraq War

Rahm Emanuel's "total focus seems to be on the business community" AFSCME

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