Monday, March 2, 2015

Chicago Mayor Election: candidate policies side-by-side comparison

The election is on Tuesday April 7, 2015

Find your voting place here:

 Chuy Garcia Rahm Emanuel
Past employers and sources for campaign money
2011 – present Cook County Board of Commissioners

1993 – 1999 Illinois Senate

1986 – 1993 Chicago City Council
2009–2010 White House
2005–2007 Democratic Campaign Cmte
2002–2008 US House of Representatives
2000–2001 Freddie Mac
1999–2002 Dresdner Kleinwort
1993–1998 Executive Office of the President
1989–1989 Richard M Daley Campaign
(Center for Responsive Politics: Revolving Door Summary)

Hired by one of Chicago's largest corporate investment firm (New York Times 12/3/2008)
SEIU Illinois (Chicagoist 12/3/2014)

American Federation of Teachers (Chicago Business 12/12/2014)
Top Contributors for 2008: UBS AG, AT&T Inc, Simmons Cooper LLC, Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs (Center for Responsive Politics: Contributors summary)
2011: Chicago Mercantile Exchange (NBC Chicago 10/21/2011)
Top contributors 2015 Grosvenor Capital Management, Madison Dearborn Partners, Plumbers and Pipefitters unions, Citadel, Muneer Satter (Steve Can Plan 2/1/2015)
City services
  • Wait-and-see approach to firing (In These Times Nov 12, 2014)
  • 1,000 new police officers on the street and expand neighborhood policing(Chicago For Chuy: Safe Neighborhoods)
  • Replace foreclosed properties with community peace hubs on high-violence blocks
  • Fund and coordinate mental health services for residents.
  • Reduce the risk of exposure to toxic materials and unsafe physical conditions in our homes
  • Remove tipped subminimum wage, and replace it with an hourly wage to reduce poverty and increase economic growth (Chicago For Chuy: Women's Rights)
  • Expand social and economic programs for women and with concern for women of color
  • Use public funds to integrate poor into communities by supporting rent or mortgage
  • Open the books of the neighborhood investment TIF program and move more of it back into schools away from hotel development (Chicago For Chuy: Tax increment finance reform)
  • Earned sick leave (Chicago For Chuy: Equity in health)
  • Advocate for state and federal funds for healthcare
  • Raise awareness of domestic violence
  • Promote a nursing mom’s bill of rights
  • Review the clinic closings
  • Train police in to respond appropriately to mental illness
  • Heavily lobby Springfield to create an elected school board out of the mayor's control (Chicago for Chuy: Elected school board)
  • Lobby state and federal governments to expand roads, buses and trains in Chicago as opposed to downstate (Chicago for Chuy: Safe and reliable transportation)
  • Consider private funds for transit
  • Lobby for a state gas tax to expand buses and trains, and encourage public transit by taxing car drivers
  • complete the railroad and intersection projects identified by the CREATE public-private partnership to speed rail shipment through Chicago
  • Expand dual language programs in schools
  • Halt school closings
  • Reduce standardized testing
  • Require that charters report the same data as traditional public schools
  • (Chicago For Chuy: Better Neighborhood Schools)
  • Create councils and registers to allow immigrants to learn about city services (Chicago For Chuy: Inclusive City)
  • Advocates neighborhood festivals (In These Times Nov 12, 2014)
  • Sent development money to River Point office complex (Chicago Reader 12/12/2012)
  • The largest Chicago TIFs in 2013 by revenue are: Near South ($65.2 million); Canal/Congress ($19.9 million); Chicago/Kingsbury ($19.0 million); Kinzie Conservation ($18.6 million). (Cook County Clerk: 2013 Report)
  • Ended effective $1 million grant for therapy for gang members in 2013, replaced it with database analysis (Chicago Sun-Times 05/14/2014, PBS 6/4/ 2012)
  • Fired 200 CTA employees and cut 12 bus lines (NBC 10/13/2011, The Daily Northwestern 11/12/2012 )
  • Rebuilt the Red Line for 2 years, spending $425 million on it (Chicago Tribune 7/3/2013)
  • Plans to renovate Chicago Blue Line with $492 million (Red Eye Chicago 2/5/2015)
  • Closed 6 health clinics, and fired 125 medical employees to save $1.7 million dollars (Chicago Reader 3/26/2013)
  • Supported the demolition of Prentice Hospital (Chicago Tribune 10/30/2012)
  • Replaced janitors and schoolteachers with new hires to Aramark and charter schools that are not covered by contracts applied to other employees (In These Times 1/21/2015, Democracy Now! 2/23/2015)
  • Hired financial firms Madison Dearborn and John Buck to invest worker pensions (International Business Times 11/13/2014)
  • Fired 150 music and visual arts teachers, and tilted millions of dollars of culture funds towards wealthy neighborhoods. (Chicago Sun-Times 07/09/2014)
  • Created a 3:59 second video of Chicagoans saying they don't know what TIF means (Chicago Reader 6/6/2012)

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