Friday, June 17, 2016

On Neil Steinberg's Cowardly Narcisissm

When it came to people abused in Homan Square, Neil Steinberg asked us what we're smoking ("overblown"). Surely the police are the good guys. When it came to the police shooting Laquan McDonald his PCP history seemed very relevant ("Outrage is easy... "[b]lame culture that helped put the drug into the 17-year-old’s hands, and that reacts energetically to police officers killing young people, a relative rarity, but more mutedly to young people killing each other, a much larger problem, because it is easier to be aggrieved than responsible.")

Yet when Neil Steinberg is stood up to by someone beneath his station, the pieces all fall into place. He is just as misunderstood. The column of Neil Steinberg refers to his inability to purchase a gun. He attributes this, with no evidence, to being a reporter.  His personal drug abuse is a manufactured controversy! While this may or may not be true, it is certainly true that the gun store is correct in attributing alcohol use to Steinberg.

Let's review:

Steinberg to Black people: Eh you need more proof 
Steinberg to gun store: Why do you have so much proof? You hate me, I'm almost positive
Applying Steinberg's own principles, we must shame Steinberg for bringing himself into this situation. After all, it was enough that Laquan McDonald used a drug to justify shaming an entire "culture" after his murder (I think he meant to say race).

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