Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jobs Over Baghdad

Apparently there is little progress on stopping imperialism with our current Democratic candidates.

I was originally pretty hopeful for both. Coming out of the Iraq war and especially the horrors in Syria, I thought we'd see a more isolationist foreign policy. But while Clinton may be held back by the Iran Deal, she hasn't had to be held responsible for the disastrous war in Libya. In fact, she bragged how she hunted down even more of the evil foreigners during the debates.

And once the IMF said no to democracy in Egypt, we no longer care. Some of her best friends are dictators.

Bernie Sanders cannot escape criticism. Not only has he been weak at best on Palestine, he blocked efforts reduce weapons going into Guatemala and El Salvador as massacres were carried out:

"So when dozens of antiwar activists blocked the entrance to the local General Electric plant because it was manufacturing Gatling guns to fight the socialists in Central America, the protesters expected the mayor’s full support. Instead, he lined up with union officials and watched as the police made arrests, saying later that in blocking the plant, the activists were keeping workers from their jobs."

Obama did this too. From 2011 in The Washington Post:

The Obama administration on Thursday announced an arms deal with Saudi Arabia valued at nearly $30 billion, an agreement that will send 84 F-15 fighter jets and assorted weaponry to the kingdom.

In announcing the completion of the deal, the White House also touted its domestic benefits, saying in a statement that, according to industry experts, it would “support more than 50,000 American jobs.”
Have to commend Katharine Chris Floyd and Asad Abukhalil for the commentary here.

I think Sanders shouldn't sell out the cause of peace just because some people get paid to make guns.
 But unfortunately, he probably only knows what the media tell him.

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