Monday, August 29, 2016

Forty colonial and racist dog-whistles were in the AIPAC speech that Hillary Clinton gave

It would be a serious mistake for the United States to abandon our responsibilities, or cede the mantle of leadership for global peace and security to anyone else.
  1. I believe in outright imperialism.

Iran’s continued aggression
  1. I will try to keep my focus on the foreign enemy.
a rising tide of extremism across a wide arc of instability
  1. I will justify violence on our side while condemning their ideology and organizations.
the growing effort to de-legitimize Israel on the world stage
  1. I will work tirelessly to prevent any diplomacy from harming your reputation (pt 1)
stronger than ever and more determined than ever to prevail against our common adversaries and to advance our shared values
  1. Because they don't have our values:
more intense security and diplomatic cooperation
  1. Arabs only understand violence but we know how to cooperate.

This is especially true at a time when Israel faces brutal terrorist stabbings, shootings and vehicle attacks at home.
  1. You can throw the Arabs out of their homes and I won't be upset.

And Palestinian leaders need to stop inciting violence, stop celebrating terrorists as martyrs and stop paying rewards to their families.
  1. Israel can and should continue to use collective punishment to dispossess innocent people.
Because we understand the threat Israel faces we know we can never take for granted the strength of our alliance or the success of our efforts. Our work together to develop the Iron Dome saved many Israeli lives when Hamas rockets began to fly.
  1. In fact, by not supporting Israel you would not have prevented the Holocaust, and that guilt can be a powerful weapon if we use it alongside actual military practices.
I saw its effectiveness firsthand in 2012 when I worked with Prime Minister Netanyahu to negotiate a cease fire in Gaza.
  1. Netanyahu still bombs Gaza routinely, but it will look less embarrassing under my command.
We will also be clear that the United States has an enduring interest in and commitment to a more peaceful, more stable, more secure Middle East. And we will step up our efforts to achieve that outcome.
  1. I will keep Saudi Arabia out of your hair by supporting coups in Iraq and Egypt, and wherever necessary.
I hope a new 10-year defense memorandum of understanding is concluded as soon as possible to meet Israel’s security needs far into the future
  1. I'll even give Israel more guns than Saudi Arabia if you promise to understand what I just told you.
And I will send a delegation from the Pentagon and the joint chiefs to Israel for early consultations. Let’s also expand our collaboration beyond security. Together, we can build an even more vibrant culture of innovation that tightens the links between Silicon Valley and Israeli tech companies and entrepreneurs.
  1. From that point, boilerplate marketing strategies should do the trick.
And it’s especially important to continue fostering relationships between American and Israeli young people who may not always remember our shared past. Many of the young people here today are on the front lines of the battle to oppose the alarming boycott, divestment and sanctions movement known as BDS.
  1. We have to indoctrinate children into to accepting violent ethnocentrism before it's too late and they're corrupted radicals.

Particularly at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise across the world, especially in Europe, we must repudiate all efforts to malign, isolate and undermine Israel and the Jewish people.
  1. I promise to openly oppose young people organizing to stop ethnocentrism.
Keep speaking out. Don’t let anyone silence you, bully you or try to shut down debate, especially in places of learning like colleges and universities
  1. They are coming for us everywhere.
Well, my friends, Israel’s security is non-negotiable.
  1. You can't trust a namby pamby left-winger to give you a good deal, I'm sorry but you just can't.
I have sat in Israeli hospital rooms holding the hands of men and women whose bodies and lives were torn apart by terrorist bombs. I’ve listened to doctors describe the shrapnel left in a leg, an arm or even a head.
  1. I'm a professional opportunist as much as Al-Qaeda and I'm not above weaponizing grieving people.
That’s why I feel so strongly that America can’t ever be neutral when it comes to Israel’s security or survival. We can’t be neutral when rockets rain down on residential neighborhoods, when civilians are stabbed in the street, when suicide bombers target the innocent. Some things aren’t negotiable. And anyone who doesn’t understand that has no business being our president.
  1. Segregation is still a good solution.
Today Iran’s enriched uranium is all but gone, thousands of centrifuges have stopped spinning
  1. The foreigners are a menace to you and use science to achieve their ends.
But still, as I laid out at a speech at the Brookings Institution last year, it’s not good enough to trust and verify. Our approach must be distrust and verify.
  1. I want to hurt these miscreants as much as you do, so I don't always feel comfortable with diplomacy (pt 2)
In Lebanon, Hezbollah is amassing an arsenal of increasingly sophisticated rockets and artillery that well may be able to hit every city in Israel.
  1. I read the newspapers, I know who the bullies are.
Our next president has to be able to hold together our global coalition and impose real consequences for even the smallest violations of this agreement.
  1. US imperialism is the only thing protecting Israel and everyone knows it.
Those missiles were stamped with words declaring, and I quote, “Israel should be wiped from the pages of history.” We know they could reach Israel or hit the tens of thousands of American troops stationed in the Middle East. This is a serious danger and it demands a serious response.
  1. Like I said, I read the newspapers.
And we must work closely with Israel and other partners to cut off the flow of money and arms from Iran to Hezbollah. If the Arab League can designate all of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, surely it is time for our friends in Europe and the rest of the international community to do so as well and to do that now.
  1. Okay, while you kill these fuckers, I will use Talmudic logic and it will be an embarrassment for the history books.
But the Iranian people themselves deserve a better future, and they are trying to make their voices heard. They should know that America is not their enemy, they should know we will support their efforts to bring positive change to Iran.
  1. US terrorism in Iran serves a benevolent purpose of democracy.
Now, of course, Iran is not the only threat we and Israel face. The United States and Israel also have to stand together against the threat from ISIS and other radical jihadists. An ISIS affiliate in the Sinai is reportedly stepping up attempts to make inroads in Gaza and partner with Hamas. On Saturday, a number of Israelis and other foreigners were injured or killed in a bombing in Istanbul that may well be linked to ISIS. Two of the dead are U.S.-Israeli dual nationals.
  1. I once read that Sunni and Shiite were different.
This is a threat that knows no borders. That’s why I’ve laid out a plan to take the fight to ISIS from the air, on the ground with local forces and online where they recruit and inspire. Our goal cannot be to contain ISIS, we must defeat ISIS.
  1. But the only good nigger is a dead nigger.
And here is a third choice. Will we keep working toward a negotiated peace or lose forever the goal of two states for two peoples? Despite many setbacks, I remain convinced that peace with security is possible and that it is the only way to guarantee Israel’s long-term survival as a strong Jewish and democratic state.
  1. Peace comes from believing in me and cooperating with me and continuing to block a left-wing Israeli movement towards a bi-national state. (pt 3)
Israelis deserve a secure homeland for the Jewish people. Palestinians should be able to govern themselves in their own state, in peace and dignity. And only a negotiated two-state agreement can survive those outcomes.
  1. Okay let's get this over with: maybe we can help Palestinians a little bit, but not too much. (pt 4)
But Israelis and Palestinians cannot give up on the hope of peace. That will only make it harder later.
  1. The Netanyahu position is bad, but I can't bring myself to name him, I hope you catch what I'm saying here.
All of us need to look for opportunities to create the conditions for progress, including by taking positive actions that can rebuild trust — like the recent constructive meetings between the Israeli and Palestinian finance ministers aiming to help bolster the Palestinian economy, or the daily on-the-ground security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
  1. The police want to protect the law-abiding.
But at the same time, all of us must condemn actions that set back the cause of peace. Terrorism should never be encouraged or celebrated, and children should not be taught to hate in schools. That poisons the future. Everyone has to do their part by avoiding damaging actions, including with respect to settlements.
  1. You're welcome to use violence, but please try to avoid getting a bad reputation.
I would continue the pursuit of direct negotiations. And let me be clear — I would vigorously oppose any attempt by outside parties to impose a solution, including by the U.N. Security Council.
  1. I will continue to unilaterally block international diplomacy because the deals never work with the hard-right in Israel, and I don't want to make them upset.
We are both nations built by immigrants and exiles seeking to live and worship in freedom, nations built on principles of equality, tolerance and pluralism.
  1. If we both deport people at the same time it will look really racist.
There’s so many examples. You know, we look at the pride parade in Tel Aviv, one of the biggest and most prominent in the world.
  1. But don't ever doubt that you're better than everyone, even the United States.
And, of course, some of us remember a woman, Golda Meir, leading Israel’s government decades ago and wonder what’s taking us so long here in America?
  1. I'm still friends with Henry Kissinger for Chrissake.
Now, we’ve had dark chapters in our history before. We remember the nearly 1,000 Jews aboard the St. Louis who were refused entry in 1939 and sent back to Europe. But America should be better than this.
  1. America caused the Holocaust and I think somewhere deep down I have genuine guilt over that.
As Elie Wiesel said when accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
  1. Elie Wiesel reminds me a lot of Barry Goldwater.
We are stronger together, and if we face the future side by side, I know for both Israel and America, our best days are still ahead.
  1. Fascism is hard to sell but I'm going to do my best.

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