Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boss of factory occupiers tried to sell and move plant

You may have heard a while back about the workers at Republic Windows and Doors refusing to allow their plant to close for 3 days without concessions. They eventually won  compensation for the plant closing.

Well now, the boss who wanted to close the plant actually wanted to illegally move it:
Gillman allegedly diverted money from Republic and laundered stolen money through fraudulent bank accounts and shell companies. He alleged Gillman highjacked manufacturing equipment and concealed it in ten semi-trailers — transporting three of the semi-trailers to Red Oak, Iowa and hiding the remaining semi-trailers in a trailer park. He also allegedly removed business equipment, destroyed documents, created phony receivables and engaged in computer “hacking.”
The factory has since reopened but only 15 people have been re-hired, thanks to the stimulus bill not being big enough.

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