Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Favorite Firefox Plugins

These are my most-used plugins for Mozilla Firefox:

How to do it: Click the drop-down button where you can choose the site you want to search and then go to Manage Search Engines. This is a good time to delete the ones you don't want. After you've done that, click the little blue underlined link Get more search engines...(here's the direct link if you don't like going through those steps) In the text field where it says search for add-ons type in the search engine you wish to add. I added Isohunt.com and Crackspider.net.
This is an add-on that will save you unmeasurable trouble. Basically, it is a collectivized login database where users share usernames and passwords that they have been forced to create to access content online. You can go to their website every time you want to find a login or you can just install this nifty little plugin. Once installed, just right click the login field of almost any website (be sure to fill in the CAPTCHA if there is one) and click Login with BugMeNot. Voila!
This plugin is pretty simple. Install it and you can right click and drag different combination of lines on your screen to do different commands. Be sure to add a visible line in the settings so you can see what you are doing. It's also fully customizable too. The ones I typically use the most are: Close Tab, New Tab, Zoom in, Zoom out (Except now I use Ctrl + and Ctrl - for zooming). 
This plugin allows you to:
1. download multiples files (such as videos, mp3 or the extension of your choice) at once, in one click

2. increase your download speed immensely.
Just an IRC Client that is easy to use. Accessible through the Tools menu.Can be great if you wish to get in an argument with idiots over politics or to download books on Undernet's "#bookz" channel.
  • Read it Later

    This is a plugin that allows you to save a web page to read later, recall a web page that you have saved and remove a web page that you have read - all in one click.
That's it! Enjoy!

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