Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to stream music and basically any audio through IM clients

Most people know that with a microphone and a program like AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype or something else you can stream live from your microphone. But did you know that you can actually stream music over them too? I have used this to play beats I have made in FL Studio for my friends without having to go through the usually long process of exporting it to a file and then sending the file somewhere.

Here are the steps>
1. Open your IM software
2. initiate a "call" or "talk session"
3. Go to Start > Run > type in sndvol32.exe > "OK"
4. Go to Options > Properties
5. Click the radio button next to "Recording"
6. Under "Show the following volume controls" make sure that there is a check next to "Stereo Mix" or possibly "Wave Out Mix" Press "OK"
7. Under the slider of either "Stereo Mix" or "Wave Out Mix" select the check box. Close Record Control
8. Open your mp3 in an mp3 player or open whatever program you have that plays audio you wish to send.

That's it!

One word of warning!!! Don't - under any circumstances - try to record something through an audio recording software that plays back as it records, as you will get an enormous amount of feedback!!!

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